334 Pcs The Legend of Zelda Link Figures Building Blocks Holding Master Sword and Hylian Shield




Link is the central character in a renowned game, appearing in various forms throughout the series. He is often depicted as an ordinary boy or young man who evolves into a legendary hero by demonstrating great courage to save the world.

He typically wields a sword and shield, most notably the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Every incarnation of Link possesses the spirit of a hero and is destined to combat evil.

The Link action figures building set measures approximately 1.77" (4.5 cm) in length, 1.96" (5 cm) in width, and 3.14" (8 cm) in height. It comes with clear paper instructions and an exquisite gift box.

With its exquisite appearance, this set is perfect for collectors and can be displayed on a desk or windowsill. It makes a wonderful gift for friends, colleagues, and fellow game enthusiasts.

Link, also known as the Hero of Time.

Create your own Link, follow Link on adventures, and become a real hero.

Bow Arrow

Hylian Shield

Master Sword

Great gift for fans or friends who love this game!

If your friend is also a fan of this game, this is a great gift option.

This set faithfully recreates the iconic moment from the game where Link pulls the Master Sword from its stone pedestal, complete with a Korok Yahaha and a blooming flower. It's a sword of the brave, and now you can join Link in his quest to save Hyrule Castle.

The Master Sword is crafted from luminous bricks. Place it in direct sunlight or under a strong light source to absorb enough energy. This way, the sword will glow in the dark, enhancing the gaming experience.

When facing foes like Calamity Ganon or entities filled with malice, the Master Sword emits a divine light, showcasing its true power.

The Master Sword is securely anchored to the stone base, ensuring it won't topple even when shaken. It makes for an excellent gift for avid game fans.

The Master Sword measures approximately 11.4" (29 cm) in length, 1.1" (2.8 cm) in width, and 0.35" (0.9 cm) in height. The Stone Base measures around 5.27" (13.4 cm) in length, 5.07" (12.9 cm) in width, and 1.37" (3.5 cm) in height.

Glowing Master Sword

When encountering Calamity Ganon or something like its grudge, the Master Sword emits a divine light and exerts true power.

Korok Yahaha

The Master Swor

Stone Pedestal

Sword of the Brave

The legendary exorcist master sword can only be used by the brave who is chosen by the sword.


[Korok Building Toys] Yahaha! You Found Me! We've brought to life four adorable Koroks in the form of building blocks. With 456 pieces, you can create these charming little creatures by following the provided instructions. Join in the building fun with your gaming friends and family.

[What's in the Package] The package includes an elegant gift box, high-quality building bricks, and a clear, colorful instruction manual. Suitable for gamers of all ages, starting from six years and up.

[A Perfect Gift for Gaming Enthusiasts] These four Koroks come in various shapes and expressions, with some even appearing to float in the air thanks to transparent pieces. They make fantastic tabletop decorations. Furthermore, the beautifully designed box makes it a great gift for your loved ones.

[Made with High-Quality Materials] All of our building blocks, manufactured by Millionspring, undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality. They are crafted from durable ABS material, with a missing part rate below 1%, ensuring a satisfying building experience.

YAHAHA!You found me!

Build Four Cute Yahaha! Sets with Colorful Printed Instruction!

Recreate the iconic cute friends of the great Hyrule.





Awesome Desktop decoration for all game lovers!

Great gifts for anyone who loves the game

Fantastic building toys and decorations for fans. A great Birthday Christmas gift as well. Perfect present for anyone who loves the game.


  • Brand: Carnuoc
  • Material: Safety-Approved ABS Plastic
  • Age Range: > 6 years old
  • Certification: 3C
  • Warning⚠️: Choking hazard. Small parts

Pros and cons

  • Each product including paper instructions & box packaging
  • We operate our own factory ensuring the quality of our bricks
  • Free replacement parts for missing or damaged parts