3D Metal Mechanical Mantis 1200PCS Puzzle Model Kit Insect Series

Color:  Grass green


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  • The iconic feature of the praying mantis is its two "blades," or forelimbs. There is a row of hard serrations with a hook at each end, which is used to hook prey. It is very agile when hunting. It can be called the "assassin" in the insect world. As the main hunting weapon, the freely bending sickle-shaped forelimbs can Help the mantis catch other insects easily. It is said that the mantis' arm can poke out 10 times faster than a human can blink, which can be said to be a perfect shot.
  • A marvel of engineering and the beauty of biomechanics, this metallic mechanical mantis model combines mechanics with one of nature's most iconic predators - the mantis.
  • Dynamic design: Each joint is movable, imitating the movement of a real mantis and can be adjusted into various postures.
  • Precision craftsmanship: Using alloy materials and metal plating epoxy process, it shows the metallic texture and future technology style.
  • Light and shadow effect: Similar to the fox model, there is a magnetic induction light installed inside, which can control the change of the light through magnets.
  • Collection: For insect lovers, this is an excellent choice to display in front of your window as a home or office ornament, adding the beauty of a fusion of technology and nature.
  • Specifications:

    .Material: Stainless Steel + Alloy Material
    .Parts: 1200PCS+
    .Assembly Difficulty: Medium
    .Assembly Time: 16-20H
    .Product Weight: 800g
    .Package Weight: 1300g
    .Product Dimensions: 15.5*6.9*9 In
    .Package Dimensions: 8.2 × 6.9 × 3.7 In
    .Packing: Box


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